Jill Lee - Life Coach with Heart

 Dr. Jill Lee
Certified Holistic Life Coach

I work with men, women, and families who want to experience a more purposeful and enriched life. Those who want to raise their self-esteem and build their self-confidence. Those who need healing.

Together, we will build your internal management skills. I will help you modify your behavior and thinking patterns so you can navigate through any challenges or obstacles you may face on any given day.  We will identify the blind spots that may be lodged in your subconscious and anything else that may hold you back or keep you from evolving into your highest potential. You will gain clarity, balance, and harmony with your inner self and outer world.

We will also challenge your perspective and any false beliefs you may be holding on to so you become inspired and empowered to refine your life’s blueprint.

Together we will solidify self-awareness and self-love so that you can master the art of alchemy, and achieve a beautiful state of being ~ Mind, Body, and Spirit.

We all possess an inner wisdom that can be accessed through open and honest dialogue. I will help you access this inner wisdom by asking the questions to which you already hold the answers. Once you acknowledge your challenges or obstacles, we can address each one, so you can achieve your life’s goals with balance, grace, and harmony. It’s about catch and release.

Is life coaching for you?