Dr. Jill has been a huge inspiration to me. Her wise words have brought me so much clarity through challenging times. What I am learning from her I am applying to my life with confidence.
Thank you for what you share, you have helped change my way of thinking and I am always looking forward to your next life lesson.

– Deborah

“Jill Lee is an amazing woman and Life Coach. She has compassion and endless patience as a listener. Jill shows extraordinary passion in helping others through their life situations with overwhelming calmness and ease. She is easy to talk to about any subject and engages others in figuring out what is personally needed to enrich the lives of her clients. Jill truly cares about her friends and clients leading her life by example. Her writing is nothing short of amazing wisdom and truly inspiring for others in so many different facets of life.”
– Sher H.

“As a healthcare professional I have a lot of Anxiety. My anxiety over my clients sometimes carries over to my home life. The anxiety causes sometime lack of motivation to exercise. I was able to get on a program, watch my diet and reduce my stress thru my work with Life Coach Jill Lee. I find her easy to work with. Helpful is an understatement. I recommend her without hesitation to assist in whatever goals you may want to achieve. Renee Grandieri MS, APN”
– Renee G.

“I have worked with Jill for over a year, and she always continues to amaze me with her insights. I have been able to see my way to a healthier lifestyle, which has resulted in a happier lifestyle. I have yet to find a life coach that has as much compassion and empathy running through her soul. She is kind and understanding, when I am a wreck and seem to be out of control. She also calls me just to check and to see how I am doing. She has a very soothing way about her. I have finished my sessions, and I am able to stand strong on my own two feet. I do continue to work with Jill when I am in need. I will forever keep her on speed-dial.”
– Tara K.

“Jill Lee is an excellent Life Coach. I was going through a major loss in my life. With her compassion and the ability to help me focus by taking one step at a time, I was able to go through the process. She has the ability to anticipate your needs sometimes before you do. I would definitely recommend Jill if you need a Life Coach.”
– Sandy W.

I have known Jill over 25 years.  Our relationship started when I became employed by her company as a receptionist.  During the time that followed, I became her personal secretary and trusted confidant. I experienced, firsthand, the many triumphs, as well as hardships, Jill handled both professionally and personally throughout the years. She has always conducted herself with a special gift of “grace under fire”, regardless of the situation. I have been in awe too many times to count when she has been able to soothe troubled waters and calm potential explosive circumstances, while coming up with solutions that are in everyone’s best interest for a positive resolution. After all of this time, our relationship has grown into a lifelong friendship. Her input is invaluable in my life and anyone would be fortunate who is seeking heartfelt guidance in their own.
– Gayle W.

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