Every Choice Has Consequences

We are all presented with choices from the moment we open our eyes each morning. What to eat for breakfast? Coffee or tea? What to wear? These are simple everyday choices for most of us, but they are still choices. While it’s important to make good choices, it’s more about owning your choices. It’s about taking responsibility for your actions. Life most often offers us the opportunity to decide what’s suitable for us in the present moment. But too often, when making decisions, you aren’t always thinking about what consequences may follow. Your decisions are not always based on mindful contemplations. Some decisions might be made on a whim or a thoughtless impulse. But once you choose your action, the consequences have a will of their own.

So before taking action, you may want to take a moment to pause and analyze the situation rather than make a hasty choice. Regardless of the circumstance, there are things to take into consideration. “How will my choices affect another person?” “How will my choices affect my position or well-being?”  You can often avoid unnecessary consequences by asking such questions of yourself before making an impulsive decision.

We all have intuitive skills that can be accessed when we become more conscious. By accessing these skills, you can transcend most personal matters, bringing about awareness that can guide you to t think before charging forward before acting. Therefore, there’s a better chance that things will turn out better than anticipated for you and others involved. Look at the objectives by weighing all the pros and cons. Remember that with every choice comes a consequence, so choose wisely. Make sure that the choices you make are “your” choices and not someone else’s.

Follow your instincts. Learn to pause…then decide. Inner strength, clarity, and confidence will allow you to trust your choices with certainty, helping you to move beyond any obstacles in your path.

Here are a few questions to ponder on ~

I see clearly that my choices have consequences ~

Can I look at my choices objectively?

Am I able to follow through with the choices I make?

Will the choices I make serve my well-being?


“Find the time for that which touches your heart ~ then choose.”

~ Dr. Jill Lee ~ 


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