Grace and Gratitude

As the holiday season approaches ~ humble yourself and embrace Grace and Gratitude.

When you develop the habits of Grace and Gratitude, you need not “practice” it any longer ~ as it becomes a way of life ~ your daily ritual.

 It seems, though, it’s easy to lose sight of our Grace and Gratitude with the way of the world today. The month of November is the perfect time to serve as a reminder.

Gratitude is the heart’s memory, a recording of life’s special moments. It helps us to realize what we have, and it puts life into proper perspective. It can turn denial into acceptance and confusion into clarity. It brings a sense of wholeness into your life. It brings a deep sense of Being-ness, or aliveness, ~ and through that ~ you appreciate what is in your life.

As Caroline Myss described, Grace is “an invisible yet mystical force ~ an essence beyond intellect that moves swiftly amongst us.” Giving yourself Grace means making the choice to interact with the world and yourself with goodwill and kindness. Grace provides you with the intelligence to recognize the voice of your higher self. It’s personal, and it comes to you when you are able to accept life as it unfolds. It can fill the empty spaces in your mind and in your heart where there may be a void.

Now is the perfect time for us ~ as humans ~ to observe ~ reflect ~ and choose. Are there things in your life that you can let fall away? Are there things in your life that are of no use to you anymore? Are there things in your life that no longer serve your well-being?

Everyone has their personal way of expressing Grace and Gratitude; whichever way is best for you, make it part of your daily ritual.

Take a few moments each day to look outside of your center. Ponder and reflect on those who have touched your life or anything at all that you may be grateful for. Remember to include yourself in those reflections. “I AM” are two imperative reflections. What has value and meaning to you? And so you don’t lose sight of these reflections, you may want to keep a “Gratitude Journal.” Write in this journal every day, and read the previous entries as a reminder of how blessed you are.

“May this holiday season be easy on your heart and gentle on your soul ~

Live each day with Grace and Gratitude.”

~ Dr. Jill Lee ~

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