Authenticity can be Difficult

Authenticity refers to being genuine ~ true to oneself ~ and being aligned with one’s core values and beliefs. It involves presenting yourself honestly and transparently, without pretense or facade. It encompasses being aware of ~ and expressing your deepest thoughts and feelings ~ rather than conforming to societal expectations or adopting personas to fit in.

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How to Live in the Moment

We have all heard the phrase “Live in the Moment.” So often, people may ask, “How do I live in the moment?” or “What does it mean to live in the moment?” Well, you become present. Let me elaborate.

We often tend to hold on to the past or worry about the future.

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Grace and Gratitude

As the holiday season approaches ~ humble yourself and embrace Grace and Gratitude.

When you develop the habits of Grace and Gratitude, you need not “practice” it any longer ~ as it becomes a way of life ~ your daily ritual.

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Every Choice Has Consequences

We are all presented with choices from the moment we open our eyes each morning. What to eat for breakfast? Coffee or tea?
What to wear? These are simple everyday choices for most of us, but they are still choices.

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When Life Happens

It’s human nature to live our daily lives on auto-pilot. We wake up in the morning, often with an agenda to begin our day. But sometimes, challenging situations present themselves. And there, at that very moment, you find yourself in a quandary.

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Strength From Within


Life situations that happen to us don’t always happen for the best, but they do happen for a reason. As a matter of fact, these circumstances do not always happen “to us” ~ it’s just life happening.

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Your Beliefs

Belief is a mental representation or expression of your personal opinion.  It’s a way of navigating your way through this very complex world we live in.  And it’s these beliefs that influence the way you may live your life. They can lead you to the choices you make, both in your personal and professional life.

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The Importance of Alignment

We are all Divine Beings; however, we are so much more dimensional than just physical beings. And yet, throughout our years of education, most of us have never been taught or even given thought to these dimensions of our being.

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