Time for Emotional Healing

What better time to begin healing ~ than “NOW.”

We often hold emotions inside, such as grief, shame, guilt, anxiety, and fear, to name a few. When we hold on to these emotions, they tend to fester inside, ultimately leading to anger, frustration, withdrawal, and self-sabotage.

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Cleanse Your Soul ~

For most of us, when we hear the word “cleanse,” we think of cleaning,
and this is absolutely correct. Clean our home or office, our car, our
clothes, the dishes, and even our body. All things that get dirty, all
things physical.

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Mindful Body Scan Before Bedtime

Sleep is such an important part of our well-being ~ and with today’s busy schedule ~ you may find it difficult to shut it down and fall asleep.

I have created a Mindful Body Scan to help you relax, so you can fall asleep, and stay asleep.

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Happy New Year!

“Auld Lang Syne” is a poem written by Robert Burns in 1788. These words are sung to a folk tune; a tradition used to bid farewell to the year ending at the stroke of midnight. Meaning…times long past, according to the description from Wikipedia.

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A Path of Resistance ~ Or Not?

It’s so very easy to just “go with the flow.” We all do it, but for different reasons. Is it the quickest way to your destination? Is it a way to avoid conflict or confrontation? Is there fear of rejection or judgment?

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Your Pathway to Passion and Purpose

Have you ever just sat down and asked yourself what might be missing in your life? Have you ever felt empty or hollow?

We are each put here on this earth to do more than just exist. Existing is simply doing what we need to do ~ to survive, and life has so much more to offer than that.

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Time is a Gift

You’ve often heard people speak about the importance of time, and so it is ~ important! There’s a famous song “Time is my side,” ~ but is it really?

Unlike a clock that sits on a shelf, which is only to be used as a gauge of time…where you may hear the sound of “tick tock” or a bell chiming, you may see the second hand moving, and the hours changing., you cannot truly see time, even though you know it’s there.

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Life Doesn’t Always Happen as Planned

Life can often bring us disappointment.  You may not have gotten a gift that you expected. Someone may have let you down. A plan didn’t work out just as you had hoped. These life situations don’t always happen for the best, but they do happen for a reason.

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