Knowing Your True Self

I am sure at one time or another you have asked yourself “Who am I?” Discovering who you really are is a lifetime mission. That’s because we are forever changing and recognizing something new about ourselves. Discovery comes from our own life experiences. Each of us has our own unique identity.

Discovering oneself is self-awareness. Knowing your values and holding true to them says a lot about your character. It’s your character and your integrity that defines you. It’s not about the clothes you wear, or who you socialize with. It’s not about how much money you have or have not. It’s about who you are on the inside.

Self-awareness means paying attention to what’s inside your soul; going back to your core values. When you know who you are, you create an intention that will broaden your mind to body connection. That connection will help you develop self-empowerment, allowing you to make wiser choices in life.

Every choice you make in life, leads to who you are and the life you are living. Wise choices can make you a better person, while other choices can be destructive. Knowing the difference and making the necessary changes is where the self-awareness comes in. What do you attach yourself to? How do you allow yourself to “feel”? Taking responsibility for yourself lets you define and refine your identity. You can restore anything damaged or hurt by knowing the answers to these questions.

Align yourself with the inner “you”. Know what motivates you and what you are most passionate about. Knowing and liking yourself generates self-worth and promotes strong self-esteem. You must hold the visions of who you are, in order to make the necessary changes. Let go of what no longer serves your well-being so there is space for new growth.

Remember that everything in this life leads you to the life you are living or the life you choose to live.

“Self-empowerment allows you to know your strengths and weaknesses.
You must know your “self” in order to understand who and what you are”
~ Jill Lee ~

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