Live With Your Whole Heart

In order to live a life that is rich in all areas, you must learn to live with your whole heart. You must learn not to hold back when giving or receiving, and to embrace both completely. Take a “time out” from your busy schedule, and allow yourself the freedom to play. Set time aside for fun, time for enjoyment and self fulfillment.

So often you may be guided to live with and know your purpose. Well, this is one time you need to just live, and disregard “purpose” Yes.. you are reading that correctly. Discover that unused creativity that’s been stored up inside your soul. Something that perhaps got lost over the years. Something that you can do, that brings total pleasure and meaning into your life, without having to think about it, or work at it and that you can totally enjoy doing with your whole heart.

First and foremost, you must let go of control and fear so you are free to realize what’s hidden inside. Whatever it is that you discover about yourself, do it without worrying about being criticized or judged. Let go of all the self doubt you may be holding. By doing so, it will allow you cultivate your creativity to its fullest. Learn to laugh out loud, sing silly songs, and dance if it suits you. Paint if you love to paint or write if you love to write. There are things inside all of us, just waiting to be exposed.. so go ahead and get bold! Discover those hidden passions and enjoy living your life with your whole heart.

A wonderful quote by – Mark Twain
“Dance like nobody’s watching; love like you’ve never been hurt; sing like nobody’s listening; live like it’s heaven on Earth”

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