A Path of Resistance ~ Or Not?

It’s so very easy to just “go with the flow.” We all do it, but for different reasons. Is it the quickest way to your destination? Is it a way to avoid conflict or confrontation? Is there fear of rejection or judgment?
We often choose the easiest path, because it’s the easiest scenario to process. But ~ whatever the reason may be, we must ask ourselves…”Is it what’s best for my well-being?”

So many questions to ask of “self” and so many answers to listen to, all coming from within. Please know that none of us are given a good life or an easy life. None of us are given a bad life or difficult life. This is something that we are in control of by the choices we make. This isn’t to say that there won’t be challenges or obstacles, but how you confront and deal with each one, makes the difference in your life. It’s the choices you make that will afford you the luxury of enjoying a “good life.”

So once you have answered this questions above, you have an opportunity to choose a different path. A different flow. An opportunity to choose what’s best for you!

Oh yes ~ the easy way might be to take a path of least resistance, but where will that lead you?

When you pause and ponder for a moment, the answers will come. What have you got to lose by stepping outside of your comfort zone? What have you got to lose by taking a risk? What have you got to lose by choosing a different path?

Only you know what is best for you! The easy way is not always the best way!

 “Finding and traveling your own path may be well worth any challenges you may experience. Believe that you can ~ and you will! ”

~ Dr. Jill Lee ~

1 thought on “A Path of Resistance ~ Or Not?

  1. Karen Ann Kochevar Reply

    This is so true and what I have trying to tell my children – color outside the lines – it’s okay – if it doesn’t workout – then at least you tried!

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