About Your Ego

As described philosophically in the dictionary; “ego is the part of the psychic apparatus that experiences and reacts to the outside world and thus mediates between the primitive drives of the id (that which resides in the unconscious) and the demands of the social and physical environment.”

And with that being said, ego is part of who we are, and often part of your “self-image”. If not controlled, you become over-powered by “I”, “Me” and “Mine”. I am not sure that the ego can be completely dismissed or dissolved, but it can definitely be tamed and redirected. This can often be challenging.

If not tamed, ego has the tendency to sabotage relationships, or stand in the way of proceeding with opportunities. It can also cloud your judgement, creating a false sense of fear; a false sense of reality. If you allow your ego to take over, your thoughts begin to circle. You find yourself needing validation, which is the lack of self-esteem. You may have the need to blame others when things go awry, and become unable to forgive. You become trapped in playing the victim, and unable to resolve conflicts, and this can build anxiety and bring about stress.

By becoming aware and being mindful of this “ego”, you gain control. You let your spirit override and realign your true authentic self. Know who you are. You then soften, when confronted with harshness; you forgive when there is anger. You become selfless, giving and sharing; with grace and empathy, and without bias. You learn that it’s not always about winning or the need to be right, and you let go of judgement. You embrace gratitude.

Listen to your internal voice and shift your awareness; let your spirit speak. This occurs when you are fully present. Consciousness will bring your life into balance, with harmony and peace.

Open your mind and don’t be misguided by your “Ego.”
Ego is the destroyer of relationships ~ It can sometimes be food for other people’s hearts

~ Jill Lee ~

2 thoughts on “About Your Ego

  1. rajni satpathy Reply

    Actionlessness in action can dissolve our ego.
    When the doer can think that he/she is only a witness to the deed/ thing done…the Ego is mitigated.

    • Jill Lee Post authorReply

      You are exactly right ~ Rajni ~ and I thank you for sharing your comments.

      Warmest Regards,

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