An Ordinary Life to an Extraordinary Life ~ You Choose

For me, I would say this is a most humbling time of year. As the year is winding down, we make time to spend with those we love most. It’s a time for sharing. A time to express gratitude, for all that we have and all that we are. It’s a time to reflect, and ask questions of ourselves “Did I love enough?” “Did I accomplish all that I had hoped to?” “What is it that will make my life outstanding?”  I suppose that I could give you a list of a hundred questions ~  if not more. But I think you get it.

While you are asking these questions of yourself, it may be a good time to begin setting goals for the New Year, soon approaching. Perhaps asking “How can I make life better?”  It all begins with you! Your thoughts ~ leading to you your actions.

You choose the path you wish to walk in life, even though you may feel that your path has already been selected. You always have the option of “choice.” It’s your birthright. Your dreams can become a reality, just by saying “yes” ~ “I deserve better!” “I deserve more!”

An extraordinary lifestyle isn’t reserved for the rich and famous, or for those in power. It’s for you and me ~ just regular, everyday people who want more from life.

When you see others living an extraordinary life, you may ask ~ “How did they get there?”  Well ~ sometimes it’s “gifted.”  But most often it’s something you manifest!  How and where do you begin? Here are a few suggestions to jump-start the process:

  • Identify and know what matters most to you.
  • Set goals for yourself, those which you know you can achieve. And once achieved, set more goals. Each one with a passion ~ and so it goes.
  • Step outside your comfort zone and say yes to new opportunities.
  • Access and visualize your strengths, gifts, and talents.
  • Define your exceptional qualities.
  • Align with your “powers within.”
  • Remember that it all starts with a dream, so dream big.

It’s often easy to become trapped within our own minds. The mind can sometimes deceive, causing fear, holding you back, while stifling your growth. Don’t just exist ~ and don’t surrender to limitations. Your visions, your success, and your happiness are all within your intent when you live each day deliberately and with purpose.

Know that when you begin your day with a deliberate intention, you clearly start to see that something ordinary, can become extraordinary.

It’s all in the “extra” ~ extra time, extra care, and extra effort that will take you there. It’s that little something “extra” that will make ordinary ~ extraordinary. You deserve it!

In closing ~ I would like to take the opportunity to wish each and every one you ~ and your family an “Extraordinary Thanksgiving.”

Don’t just find the time ~ make the time ~
Allow ordinary ~ to become simply ~ extraordinary ~.

~  Dr. Jill Lee ~

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