Begin Again

Most of us live our lives day to day as if our journey is already mapped out for us. We wake up, get ourselves ready for work, and away we go. We have our daily routine and obligations and rarely divert from that path. Of course, we incorporate activities by choice to enhance and enrich our everyday life. Gatherings with friends, sports, a movie, vacations, etc.

And at any given moment, things can change, either by circumstances or by choice. The shift occurs, and you are forced to “begin again.” You are put in a situation where you have to hit the reset button on your life. Again, this may be, because you’ve experienced an epiphany, or life altering events.

But there is that time before you hit this reset button, which you will have to process all that’s happened. Perhaps it’s the end of a relationship or the loss of a loved one. Maybe you’ve been put in a position where you need to change jobs or your living space. Whatever the situation may be, there is a process you have to go through first.

• We must acknowledge and accept the change or loss ~ and allow time for grieving and healing. Grieving isn’t only for the loss of someone dear to us, but it can be the loss of your home, job, friendship, or anything you hold dear to you.
• Feel your feelings, all of them, and without judgment. Allow yourself to see beyond your defenses.
• Create “breathing space” in your mind as well as your heart. Perhaps, not letting go or forgetting the past, but allowing the experiences of the loss, lead you towards a new path. Let it be the light that guides you.
• Surround yourself with those who can encourage and support you.
• Don’t be so hard on yourself. Any change is a process, so take it slow. One step at a time, one day at a time, allowing yourself to adjust.
• Begin to focus on the benefits or positive outcome of this change. Reframe the change and view the opportunities. This does not at all diminish the loss you may have experienced.
• Allow change to begin gradually. Again; baby steps a little progress each day is a step forward. Allow the unknown and fear of change help move your forward.

Change can often be challenging, especially when unplanned. It can also be difficult, even when it is planned. So don’t second guess yourself, instead ~ ask…“What will life look like when I change my direction?” or “What does life look like when I walk a new path?”
Each new day is an opportunity to begin again. The direction you walk and the choices you make are yours. Moving forward is not so much about the “why” as it is about the “how.”

“Starting over is not an admission of failure ~
Sometimes we need to learn how to fall ~ so we can learn to stand tall ~
We learn how to break ~ so we can heal ~
Life is growth ~ change is an option ~
It’s all part of the cycle of life ~ ”
~ Dr. Jill Lee ~

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