Being Present

By being present, I am not just talking about saying “I’m here”. It’s more about showing “You’re here”. Life in itself is a miracle  and is so often taken for granted. There is an internal connection you need to get in touch with that will help bring awareness to your everyday living. Understand your thoughts and emotions and take the initiative to eliminate doubts and disbeliefs you may be holding on to. Remind yourself of what is most important. Replace the negative with positive. Forgive, and forgive again. Don’t hold on to grudges, for that only creates a God size hole inside you that can never be filled.

In order to truly be available, you need to rid yourself of resentments, negative feelings, bad habits and old ways of thinking. Look inside yourself with clear eyes and an open heart. Let go of what needs to be released. You might say it’s just like cleaning your internal home. These are some of the things you must do to make yourself available. To be present.

If you want others to see you, then you need to show up. That means when you are with someone, a friend or loved one, you should give them your full attention. Perhaps even silent your mobile device. That shows them that they’re important to you and that you are really listening to what they have to say. You are then “Being Present”. It’s all a matter of paying attention and being awake in the present moment. This simple cycle can profoundly change the way you experience life as you know it.

A wonderful quote by — Lao Tzu
“The past has no power to stop you from being present now. Only your grievance about the past can do that. What is grievance? The baggage of old thought and emotion.”

5 thoughts on “Being Present

  1. Sher Reply

    Jill, thanks so much for your blog. I needed to hear this after this weekend! Now that I am at the office, I am going to try to bring some normalalcy to my life.

    • Jill Lee Post authorReply

      Dear Sher..
      Make sure that you define “Normalcy” for you.
      It’s different for everyone.. and please remember to “Breathe” That will help you to clear your head and recharge your brain. It’s taking that few moments of “Time out” that is important for your soul.

      Warmest Regards,

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