Bullies. We all meet up with them sometime in our lives, not only as children but as adults. There is no defining what social status they may come from; it’s equal, and life doesn’t play favorites. Bullies are people who attain power by intimidating others. This very harmful behavior can come to you in many different ways; such as verbal, physical, social, emotional, and even cyber. The ones who bully, are often aggressive and defiant; while they are also insecure and have low self-esteem. They tend to have personality conflicts with their peers and also lack empathy as part of their non-character. Rarely, if not ever, do they realize the impact they have on others, and will attack whenever and wherever there may be signs of fear or weakness.

It’s most important that you don’t fall prey to their conniving tactics or become their victim. It’s your responsibility, to yourself, to recognize these behavior patterns when being confronted with it. Be assertive and bring attention to the situation, perhaps you can lead them in another direction. By addressing the situation directly, you show your inner strength, which can be intimidating; causing a disruption in their initial disposition. If not, you have no other choice than to remove yourself from their presence; physical or other.

Bullying hurts. It’s harassment and a form of abuse. No one has the right to bring harm to another, under any circumstance. No one has the right to try and define who you are.

The only way not to fall prey to a bully is to remain confident. Recognize and understand your abilities and strengths, while maintaining your self-respect and integrity. This will bring you to a place of confidence with peace and serenity; while giving you the power to send the bully on his/her way.

If you or someone you know is being bullied, speak up. Don’t be a bystander.
Help put an end to bullying.

~ Jill Lee, Ph.D., CHLC ~

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