Change Promotes Growth

So very often, we as humans resistant change. When you understand that growth leads to change and change leads to growth, you realize the essence of who you really are. It’s an internal process which requires self-inquiry, and allows both change and growth to take place. Only when you understand this concept, can you dissolve any fears that may be getting in your way. It also requires self- understanding, self-respect, and self-responsibility to recognize your strengths and weaknesses, so you can move through any uncertainties and accept any challenges you may not be ready to face.

Each shift you encounter brings about new beginnings, new experiences, and new opportunities. You may also be presented with new challenges. However, this can only stimulate personal growth. Sometimes it requires that you step outside your comfort zone and move away from your redundant routine. When you do the same thing day after day, over and over again, life becomes stagnant. Things don’t change.

There will be times that require you to give something up, to make change happen, and you may find that you are bargaining with yourself. Asking… “What am I willing to give up for growth and change? How difficult can it be? What do I have to gain?”  When you stop and ponder some, and ask these questions of yourself, you may be very pleasantly surprised with your answers. As you take responsibility for your decisions, you are creating self-discipline. You are holding yourself accountable. Only then are you able to make the necessary choices to bring about change.

Learn to embrace diversity, and you will overcome any obstacles that may be in your path. Learn to breathe in the crisp air, and enjoy the shift, the same way you enjoy the changing of seasons. Let your ambitions be the food for your desire, and fill any emptiness you may have in your soul.

“Cultivate your mind. Know that change promotes growth and change requires change ~ your time is now.”

~ Jill Lee, Ph.D. ~

4 thoughts on “Change Promotes Growth

  1. Tara Reply

    Dr. Jill
    Let me first say congratulations!! What an amazing accomplishment.
    This post was received with perfect timing, thank you for your heartfelt wisdom and guidance.


    • Dr. Jill Lee Post authorReply

      Thank you, Tara ~ I appreciate that very much.

      I am so glad that this post resonates, as you move through diversity.

      Warmest Regards,
      Dr. Jill ~

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