Change Your Negative Thoughts

Do you realize that your thoughts control your life? Yes, your thoughts can shape your life. When you hold negative thoughts, you make life much harder than necessary. Negative thoughts hold you back from accomplishing and achieving your goals. They can also sabotage your relationships as well as your happiness. Negative thoughts can draw you down and bring others along with you. They can also result in careless or impulsive life choices.

Negative thoughts can also become excuses, which often, are manifested by overthinking or assuming, causing you to imagine the worst…magnifying your manifestations. And sometimes it’s easy to slip into a “woe is me” syndrome. “I’m not good enough”, “Nothing ever works out for me”, “I can’t”, or a number of other negative speculations. How about “It’s too hard”? Do any of these quotes sound familiar? These thoughts and assumptions can hold you hostage, which in turn restricts you from enjoying your desired life.

Your thoughts, negative as well as positive, have tremendous power. You are in control, therefore, you can change your thoughts at any time. Acknowledge and release the negative intentions, in exchange for new and positive thinking patterns. Counter the negative thoughts with positive affirmations. Learn to step back, relax into it and ask yourself, “Is there validity to this negative thought?” Then let it go. You can’t expect to have a positive life when you hold on to negative thoughts.

Don’t judge the future by your past. Stop blaming yourself for mistakes that may have occurred. Every challenge or life situation is a lesson learned. Continue to dream big, and move towards your future one step at a time.

When you change the way you think, when you look at the positive, you can then visualize the outcome of your desired life. Yes.. change the tone of your thoughts. This takes effort, time and practice. It’s time to take responsibility, create and design the life you desire to live.

“Positive thoughts, happy thinking, happy life”

~ Jill Lee ~

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      Thank you kindly, Sher ~
      Always glad to share a bit of wisdom ~
      It makes the world a better place for us all.

      Have a magical week ahead,

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