Clarity Leads to Balance

Clarity brings Harmony and Balance to your life. When you have clarity, you have the freedom of ambiguity and indecisiveness. It allows you to focus without drifting, letting you see just where you are going. It helps you to see beyond what’s directly in front of you, using your inner eye of intuition. Clarity comes from the inside, and it’s something you ~ yourself create or decide.

When clarity is absent from your life, you may feel unbalanced, tending to lose your way, or lose sight of your intentions. It may become more difficult for you to make wise choices which can bring harmony and balance to your life. Often, this comes from an overstimulated, distracted, or chaotic thought process. It’s not uncommon. However, it’s important to recognize it and make the necessary changes to your thinking patterns.

How? Here are a few suggestions that may help.
Find moments of silence to quiet the chatter in your mind. Let go and become disconnected and absent from your thoughts ~ just for a few moments. Only then can you explore your options ~ clearly.
• Don’t be limited by your beliefs.
• Feed your mind with positive affirmations.
• Reflect on lessons learned from past mistakes, and use these lessons to make better choices.
• Write down your intentions and set goals so you have a clear path with direction.
• Simplify and unclutter your thought process.
• Visualize. This may be difficult at times but work on it. See your path.
• Enjoy a “time out.” Electronic devices off! Take a walk outside and breathe in fresh air. When you move your body, you oxygenate your mind.

These are all practices that you can incorporate into your daily routine, allowing you just to be with yourself, so that you can understand yourself. Simple, yet basic rituals that will help clear away stale thoughts and mind toxins, bringing you to a state of clarity, and bring new and refreshing ideas to the way you think. Experience clarity, enjoy balance and harmony in your life.

“Having clarity is taking action and being aligned with your actions”
~ Dr. Jill Lee ~


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