Daydream… It’s Okay


Daydreaming is a fountain of thoughts streaming into a state of consciousness. Yes, even though your mind wanders; it’s a place where you can enter your own internal world.  Daydreaming allows you to visualize and go to a place you want to be.  It’s a beautiful head space that lets you detach yourself for a few moments and allows you to encounter beautiful thoughts about your future while you are still awake.

There is a part of your brain that controls these daydreams; not to be confused with your mind. As your mind is the activity of the brain.  How you think depends on the brain’s structure. Things are always changing and so goes your thoughts. Not to mention the nerve cells in your brain as you learn new things or encounter changes around you. Scientists have discovered that when the mind is not concentrating on a specific task, it can go into daydream mode.

People who daydream are often labeled as “spaced out”, “non-productive’ or even “unfocused”. Big misconception! Daydreaming actually makes you more creative. It gives you insight and wisdom to things you may never have considered.   You can imagine new possibilities that you never thought possible; bringing enthusiasm to a new project or anticipating positive results of an existing project.  Daydreaming can be one of the most important techniques in achieving your goals.

Here are some positive effects daydreaming can have on your mindset:

Daydreaming ~

 Helps you to visualize and see the end results or outcome of a project or situation

    Boosts creativity; helping you to achieve your goals

    Alleviates or relieves boredom

    It’s a temporary escape from a stressful or burdensome task

    Helps your mind relax; giving you a “time out”

    Helps you organize your thoughts

So remember: Daydreaming helps you get the most out of your brain power. It’s an essential resource for coping with life. It takes you away for a few moments; from where you are, to where you want to be. Daydreams… it’s only a place to visit.. not to live.

Daydreaming is personal and belongs to only you
No one can ever take it from you
~ Sweet Daydreams ~

~ Jill Lee ~

2 thoughts on “Daydream… It’s Okay

  1. Tara Reply

    This post makes me really happy Jill!
    I am printing out the post and I am going to carry it with me, so when people ask me where my mind is wandering, I can tell them I am visiting my internal world, and also let them know it’s okay. I’m not spaced out. (lol)
    Thank you, as always
    You are amazing

    • Jill Lee Post authorReply

      Dear Tara
      Thank you for reading this week’s post.
      And yes.. you are correct, you can simply tell those who ask that you are visiting you internal mind.

      Sweet Daydreams ~
      ~ Jill

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