Discover Your Priorities

Will it take a personal crisis or a traumatic event for you to realize what you really value? Sadly, so often it does. Sometimes you just need to pause; open your heart and assess what your mind already knows.

Discovering your priorities is a personal task. It’s not something that anyone can help you with. You might start by asking yourself a few questions like “What do I want my life to look like?” or “How do I want to spend my time”? You may even ask “Who do I want to spend my time with”? So many questions to ask, and that’s where you begin; because only you hold the answers. You get to decide what is most important to you.

Once you sit and analyze your life situation, you start to discover that what you thought was so important, suddenly becomes so insignificant in the grand scope of things. It’s easy to put so much emphasis on material “stuff” which can easily be gone in the blink of an eye. This is where the discovery and priorities come in. “What are my values?” “What are my gifts?”

Life can sometimes look like a puzzle with pieces that don’t fit. But eventually piece by piece, you put it together. There is no short cut. There are no quick fixes and no tricks. Piece by piece it’s all about you. When you ask and answer the above questions, only then can you start to prioritize what’s most important in your life. You can then start to manage your time, so you will have the luxury of taking advantage of wonderful opportunities that may come your way. You become more productive with each task, because you know what lies ahead. You will be able to enjoy the things you love. You can also create and take advantage of “play time” so you can enjoy everything in your life.

Try to utilize your time wisely, as time passes quickly. Days past….you can never have again. Know your values and prioritize them so you can enjoy what you have and what life has to offer.

“Search your heart and asses your priorities before you embark on a new journey, realizing that change and choice occur from the inside out”
~ Jill Lee ~

4 thoughts on “Discover Your Priorities

  1. Sher Hogan Reply

    Wow…perfect timing…great way to end the year and start the New Year!

    • Jill Lee Post authorReply

      Well Sue,
      Thank you for your kind comments, and I am so glad you did find me.
      The most important thing is that you continue to move forward from this day on.
      No looking back.. you’re not going that way.

      Warmest Regards,

  2. Sue Reply

    Wow Jill
    Thank you for this amazing blog, it’s a real eye opener.
    I sure wish I had found you sooner.


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