Don’t be Manipulated by Others

Have you ever felt like you were being controlled, taken advantage of, or manipulated by someone? Well, the fact is; the ones who manipulate and control do this merely because they can and because it works. You can even call this a form of emotional or psychological abuse. It violates your free-will. This type of behavior can victimize, even humiliate you, breaking down your self-confidence. These people are most often self-centered and self-absorbed, needing to be in control. They take advantage of others’ weaknesses or vulnerabilities every chance they get. This can be quite exhausting and draining, and can even become expensive.

And you may ask how this is being done? Sometimes it’s done in a very subtle way, and you may not even realize it’s happening. Other times they can be quite bold. Perhaps they create an urgency or importance to a situation. They may threaten or bully you, even guilting you into doing something against your better judgment. This is how they gain control over their victims. Power is their food and that’s how they thrive. They just seem to know how to detect weakness and gravitate towards those who are most vulnerable.

Here are some ways you take back control of your life:
Strengthen your weaknesses, and don’t be naive
Be assertive and let your feelings be known.
Learn to say no and walk away without feeling guilty. (You do this by giving value to your accountability and giving credit to yourself.)
Stand up for yourself, and know that you matter.
Stay true to your core values.
Never compromise your self-respect.
Be direct and assertive.
Set personal boundaries.
Trust yourself and your instincts.

This behavior is not always intentional, but if allowed, it will continue. If this is something you have experienced, it’s time to take a stand and disable it. You can set yourself free from the manipulations of others, by first becoming aware of those your associate yourself with and their intentions. Don’t make yourself an easy target. This is your life, your time. Don’t let anyone hold you back from living your best life.

If I was meant to be controlled, I would have come with a remote control.
~ Unknown ~

8 thoughts on “Don’t be Manipulated by Others

  1. Rhoni Reply

    This really hits home and I read, reread and try to absorb and carry out all of your suggestions, thank you Jill.

    • Jill Lee Post authorReply

      Thank you, Rhoni ~
      I am so glad this resonates ~
      Go easy on yourself ~ overcoming adversity takes time ~

      All the best,


  2. Rakesh Narang Reply

    Awesome Advice, Read This Post Last Year….. Loved It….. You have lifted My Moral to FIGHT BACK TO REGAIN MY SELF ESTEEM…. ADHERED To The ESSENCE Of Your POST…….. Am Feeling To Be On Top Of The MOON At This Moment….. Had Shared It On Face Book Last Year n Am Sharing It Onto My Face Book TIMELINE ONCE AGAIN….
    Stay Blessed Dear n Thanks A Lot….. You have been a BLESSING IN DISGUISE FOR ME…..;)

    • Dr. Jill Lee Post authorReply

      Thank you kindly Rakesh ~ feel free to share any of my posts or blogs ~
      I am so very pleased that they resonate ~

      Continue to be blessed ~

      Warmest Regards ~ Jill

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