Don’t get Caught up in Other People’s Drama

It is so easy to be lured into a vortex of other people’s drama. It sometimes happens without even a thought. You engage in a conversation with someone; they share their story and boom! You’re part of it. You start voicing your opinion, you give unsolicited advice, and there you are again. Boom! Instant drama. It doesn’t matter who started it or who created it; the fact remains… You’re in it. Now, what?

Learning to take that step back can be most difficult, not to mention challenging, especially if it’s your nature to want to help others. Sometimes you just need to allow the other person to take responsibility for their own issues at hand. You can’t fix the world. Know when to participate or when to be quiet and listen. When you recognize that there is the potential of a dramatic situation ahead, create an exit strategy so you can disengage. Establish and protect your boundaries. We all have some drama in our lives at one time or another. Dealing with our own is challenging enough without getting drawn into someone else’s.

Once you stop participating, the likelihood of being approached with their drama will become less. You will gain a strong reputation for one who “minds your own business”. Become aware of the type of relationships you have. Are they healthy? So often misunderstanding and over reacting can bring drama to the table. It is crucial to recognize such patterns, and by doing so, you create positive energy and a positive outcome when interacting with people, on every level. Minus the drama.

Try not to be pulled into another person’s emotions. Don’t engage in their gossip or anything else that may be hurtful to someone else. That old saying; “misery loves company”. There are people that will stop at nothing to try and draw you in. Know when to walk yourself back, and just “be” with yourself. You have the choice whether to engage or not.

~ Polish Proverb ~

“Not My Circus…Not My Monkeys“

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