Doubt Your Doubts

Even the most confident people get a visit from “Self-Doubt”. This visitor; and I use the term visitor because it is not a permanent condition or state of being; can cause you to second guess yourself. It’s a temporary lack of self-confidence. It brings about fear, resistance, and even procrastination. When you find yourself being pulled by negative or doubtful thoughts, recognize that it’s simply a message for you to pay attention to your inner voice; and perhaps a reminder to follow your intuition. Remember that doubt doesn’t always mean don’t. Identify the doubt, and don’t over analyze it or get lost in it.

You may want to take a “time out” during these moments of uncertainties. Pause for just a few moments and find stillness. Create a vision within your mind… of the results… of the direction or path you’re moving towards. See it… and then feel it. What is your intuition telling you to do? This is where you can doubt your doubts and begin to believe in yourself. Become aware and know the “why”; then listen and follow that voice inside.

Nothing can destroy your creativity and dreams quicker than “self-doubt”. When you learn to trust your values, you become confident and won’t be discouraged from achieving your set goals or dreams. You take action, and you get out of your own way, moving towards a path that feels right for you. Stay committed with self-confidence and without excuses. Raise your awareness and become conscious and never underestimate the power and relevancy of “self-doubt”. Don’t harbor it, as doubt can sabotage and destroy your beliefs as well as your intentions. Doubt the doubt and let your determination help you move through any challenges, to meet your quest.

“When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt,”
~ Honore de Balzac

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