Expect Unexpected Challenges

When you least expect it, and at any given moment, life can send you unexpected challenges. Much of the time, there is no warning. No time to prepare or think about what might be. These challenges will test your courage and willingness to change. There is no point in pretending that nothing has happened. There is no use in saying “I’m not ready” or “Wait, I need more time”. The challenge will not wait. You must acknowledge it, and address it as it arrives. Only then will you be able to work through it and make the necessary changes to move forward in your life.

The key word here is “forward. You can’t look back, and change what has already happened, so you must accept the challenge. Are you up for it?

You can, through patience; perseverance and courage, see your way through any life situation. Even those that are most difficult. Believe that life matters. Believe in your worthiness to live happy life. It is your birth right!

4 thoughts on “Expect Unexpected Challenges

  1. Carol Barnett Reply

    Inspirational. Enjoy reading and looking forward to more. Gives hope.


    • Jill Lee Post authorReply

      Thank you Carol. I am so grateful you found this to be inspiring. I hope you will continue to follow my weekly blogs, as they are meant to inspire!
      It warms my heart to hear your comments.

      Warmest Regards,

  2. Renee Grandieri MS,APN Reply

    One thing is certain, there will always be challenges. It’s not the challenges that make the difference, it’s how we handle those challenges

    • Jill Lee Post authorReply

      Yes Renee, you are so right! Each challenge brings something new to the table. How we address each situation can make a big difference within the challenge itself. I very much appreciate your comments. Thank you for participating and reading my weekly blog!

      Warmest Regards,

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