Find Your Peace and Serenity

“Serenity” as defined in the dictionary is “the absence of mental stress or anxiety.” It’s the gateway to being in touch with your higher self. What a beautiful way to begin your day. Perhaps you can start a morning ritual; breakfast with morning calm and gratitude…Ahhhh…a ritual of self-love.

We are so often wrapped up by the all the challenges and daily tasks, we forget about how beautiful it is to bask in serenity, our personal sanctuary for peace.

You often hear me speak of “quieting the mind chatter”, and that’s because it is of such importance. This will allow you, in a moments time, to become aware of your surroundings and your environment, wherever you may be, and find a bit of stillness. This becomes your space, where you can bring attention to your being, a place where you can contemplate blessings. There are times where your mind may want to wander, so pay attention to where it goes and try not to allow it to wander off course. You can do this by anchoring your thoughts with intent.

Know that this is not necessarily a physical space, but more of mental space. This is a place where you can release negative thoughts and clear the way for positive intentions and choices. A place where you reset, and soften your words, allowing them to become kind and compassionate. A place where you find forgiveness, not only for others but also for yourself. These are the moments that can bring you sweet serenity.

When peace and serenity are absent, where do you feel it first?  Answer:  First in your mind, then in your being.
When peace and serenity become apparent, where do you feel it first?  Answer:  In your heart.

“Peace and Serenity await you ~ It’s in your mind ~ your thoughts ~ your soul ~ and resides in your heart.”
~ Jill Lee, Ph.D., CHLC ~

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