Find Your Zen

It’s essential to our existence that we have peace of mind in our lives.  A time where we can enjoy moments of quiet… and just be.  As humans, we always seem to be connected to something. Our telephones, computers, electronic and mobile devices, even television commands and consumes our attention as well as our thoughts. What about being connected to “self” in the present moment?  A place of “Zen”?

“Zen” is a place of peace, calm, and tranquility. It’s a place where your mind, your body and your heart become one. It’s a place of stillness, where clarity and balance are realized, so you can release negative thoughts and disturbances that you may be holding on to or anything else which you cannot control or change.

You may ask how you find such a place. This place of “Zen” resides inside. You must first observe where you are in the present moment, dropping illusions and seeing without distortion. Unhappiness and negativity is a disease to the soul, for, without peace, there is no calm. Recognize and get in touch with your feelings.  Allow this state of tranquility to come to you, through the consciousness of “self” and be at peace with who you are. This is where you realize true happiness and know contentment.

Take a walk…away from the chaos and busyness of your day, so you are not over thinking, you are just knowing and releasing the things that no longer serve your well-being.  A place where you can be in the moment, this place of “Zen”. 

“To find your Zen ~ look inwards ~ it’s where peace resides.”

 ~ Jill Lee, Ph.D. ~

2 thoughts on “Find Your Zen

  1. vivienne briquet Reply

    thank you jill allis simply stated , clearly understanable .giving each and every one of us words of wisdom .giving us the strength to go on with a feeling of motivation and determination

    • Dr. Jill Lee Post authorReply

      I humbly and graciously thank you, Vivienne ~ for your heartfelt comments ~
      I am so pleased that this post resonates ~
      Blessings to you ~

      Warmest Regards ~
      Dr. Jill

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