Free Up Your Heart Space ~ Make Room for Love, Peace, and Joy

When our computers or mobile devices are filled with too much data, they can stop working. When our homes or workspace have too much clutter, it leaves little, or no room for us to bring in anything fresh or new ~ so goes the same with your heart.

The heaviness we often carry of fear, guilt or stress, jealousy or worry, even bitterness, can find their way into our heart, only to take up residency. What happens then? This emotional energy festers and becomes toxic to our well-being. It’s an infection to our Spirit.

These negative emotions are not meant to live in your heart. Perhaps they are intended to visit but not to stay.  I understand it may be human nature to hold on to bitterness, hurt or anger, but by doing so; it can only contaminate your peaceful life.  It fills your heart space with the wrong kind of emotions and leaves no room for happiness, joy, love, or peace. You then become weighted down with this heavy heart, sometimes finding it difficult to breathe. Living with these negative emotions that take up your heart space, and leave you without an opportunity to receive new blessings into your life.

Remember to take some time, pause, be gentle with yourself. See if you might be able to answer the questions below ** These questions, although difficult, must be addressed, but in your own time. Once you have the answers, write them down. Read them out loud. Hear your voice and listen to your words.  Then take each answer and find one positive word or phrase to help you move through the emotions. Remember to always come from a place of “self-love.”

  • What do my emotions convey? 
  • What do my emotions feel like in my body?  
  • What emotions am I continuing to avoid, bury or hide?
  • How do these buried emotions affect my behavior? 
  • Can I address my situation, without judgment? 
  • Can I separate my current situation, from my desire to heal for the future?

Your happiness is connected to your mindfulness. And; it’s your birthright to be happy! YOU deserve to enjoy a happy, enriched life, regardless of your circumstances.  Believe in yourself, and believe in the process. Allow the negative emotions living in your heart space to move on, so they no longer infect the rest of your life. Remember that you may not be able to keep them from coming, but you can certainly keeping from staying


Let love, joy, laughter, and peace into your life, and become front and center ~ It flushes away the impurities that keep your Spirit from soaring ~

Let your heart be light ~ yet full ~

~ Dr. Jill Lee ~

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