A friendship is a special bond between people who enjoy and support one another on all levels. No doubt, there is great value in true friendship. Friendships bring an awareness of empathy and kindness. It teaches you to share and to listen. And best of all, a true friend will see you without judgment, and accept you for all that you are. Life might be somewhat meaningless if we didn’t have friends, so never doubt its importance.

There are many types’ friendships. The people you have lunch with at work or school, family or neighborhood friends, associates or colleagues and then there are acquaintances. All of these relationships, although you may call them friends, are most often superficial. These are people that may come and go through your life, all at different times and for different reasons.

Some friendships may change over time. You may need to evaluate and audit these relationships… yes…the people who call you “friend” and vice-versa. Ask yourself, “what does this relationship bring into my life?” Is there mutual respect? Do they have a high moral character and uphold strong values? Do they exude compassion, honesty, and sincerity? If these characteristics are important to you and they don’t exist in your friendship, it may be time for you to let go and move on. It’s the quality of friends you acquire, not the quantity that matters most.

Are your expectations too high? As humans, every person has their own definition of friendship and what they expect from it. Friendships should always be reciprocal… a give and take with all that comes from your heart. You should be the kind of friend you would like to have.

Developing and cultivating relationships take time and emotional energy, but meaningful relationships make our lives richer.

“In poverty and other misfortunes of life, true friends are a sure refuge. “

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