Give With Your Heart

During the holiday season it becomes apparent that most people have a change in their mindset as well as a change of heart. This particular season seems to touch our souls and soften our hearts. The holidays just have that effect on most people.  We tend to be more generous when giving, and sharing. Some may even have it within them to also give a gift of forgiveness.

While it’s always important to give to others less fortunate, such as donations to charities, donating your time and perhaps lending a helping hand to those in need; it is equally important to give without expectation. That is true giving. These acts of kindness are rewarding both to those who give and receive.

You may never realize how your generosity can impact another person’s life. I’m not only referring to monetary or material things. Assisting someone in need or giving words of encouragement to someone who may have low self-esteem.  A smile and a kind word can go a long way, lifting the spirit of another. It’s touching someone’s heart. It’s touching someone’s soul.

Your character is composed of feelings and thoughts that you carry within you. Right in the middle of your soul is where your emotions reside.  Feeling good matters! We all want to feel good.  Take the opportunity to celebrate your beautiful feelings and good thoughts and share them with others throughout the year. It’s the vibration of your heart and soul that goes out into the Universe and touches the hearts and souls of others.

“Give openly and without expectation. Give with your heart”

~ Jill Lee ~

4 thoughts on “Give With Your Heart

  1. Tara Reply

    Thank you for bringing attention to this topic Jill and for all you share.
    This is a very special time of year for me, and I do a lot of charity work. It feels so good!
    I really should do much more throughout the year. I will try.
    Merry Christmas

    • Jill Lee Post authorReply

      Merry Christmas to you Tara
      The gift of giving is such a beautiful thing.
      The most beautiful gift you can give is love.
      Love circles around and comes right back to you!
      Continue to be generous, that’s such a beautiful quality you have.

      With Warmest Regards,

  2. Ana Reply

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    • Jill Lee Post authorReply

      Thank you very much, Ana, I appreciate your comments and I am so glad you found this post to be enjoyable. I also hope that it also brought about clarity for you.

      Warm Regards,

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