Gratitude Always

Gratitude is a virtue one beholds when they are thankful for something that has come their way, and has the readiness to give thanks and show appreciation in return. According to the American Physiological Association, recognizing and giving thanks can actually improve your overall well-being. You may not realize the power of gratitude and how it touches the lives of others, as well as your own.

There is so much that we often take for granted, the simple everyday things we assume will always be there. Food on our table, clothes to wear, the car we use to drive to work, even special people in our lives. How often do you stop and give thanks for all you have in your life?

Gratitude is the heart’s memory, a recording of life’s special memories. It helps us to realize what we have, and it puts life into proper perspective. It can turn denial into acceptance and confusion into clarity. It brings a sense of wholeness into your life.
When you cultivate gratitude, you are showing an expression of attention. You may do this through words, good deeds, or any action that shows you’re thankful. Everyone has their personal way of expressing gratitude, and whichever way is best for you, make it part of your daily ritual.

Take a few moments each day to look outside of your center. Ponder and reflect on those who have touched your life or anything at all that you may be grateful for. Remember to include yourself in those reflections. “I AM” are two imperative reflections. What has value and meaning to you? And so you don’t lose sight of these reflections, you may want to keep a “Gratitude Journal.” Write in this journal every day, and read the previous entries as a reminder of how blessed you are.

Express this beautiful gratitude you hold within, share it with others. A warm heartfelt thank you, for a mere act of kindness, a job well done or someone who’s had an influence in your life goes a long way. This expression is part of “paying it forward” in life. Know that expressing gratitude can have a spiraling effect on each and everyone it touches.

“Cultivate a habit of gratitude, without measure, and you will be rewarded with an abundance of extraordinary inner peace and contentment”

~ Dr. Jill Lee ~

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