Hidden Blessings

We have all experienced sorrow, loss, disappointments and adversity in our lives. It’s the part of life that we have no control over. These experiences, sometimes devastating, come to us at times when we’re least prepared. We don’t get to choose the dates, times, or who they happen to. We are all vulnerable.

However, it’s what you see and hear, and how your respond to each situation, that makes a difference. What comes to you? Let’s take heartbreak. What do you see? Some may feel pain; blinded by these emotions you may see nothing. When you look beyond your pain, you allow yourself the ability to evolve and perhaps transform your life as you know it. It’s the opportunity to take a new direction and set new goals with a new standard of living.

We also live in an environment where there is forgiveness, both for self and others. You can seek new opportunities when you learn from your mistakes. Then you’re provided with choices to make decisions, so you can move on and move forward.

Some of what’s hidden, you may have to reach for while some blessings or messages may be in plain sight, just may not be readily visible. Power, peace, potential, survival and even knowledge, to mention a few. Pay attention to the many blessings that have been bestowed upon you, learn and grow. Some are just echoing miracles in life. Know that strange things come to us at unexpected times.

There are lessons learned with every situation we encounter, and many times we don’t see these hidden blessings. Yes ~ hidden blessings even through adversity. Hidden messages, even through chaos. And you can only realize these blessings, through the serenity of stillness. A quiet mind.

“Through the serenity of stillness ~ blessed are those who can see the hidden gifts and blessings through adversity”

~ Jill Lee ~

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