Inner-Strength and Self-Discipline…The Power Within

Life can often be difficult when we are faced with challenges.  And it’s how you navigate around each obstacle that requires self-discipline and inner strength. It’s about your perception, interpretation and attitude, good or bad that will often dictate the outcome.

Inner strength and self-discipline…it’s about knowing who you are, not about aggression. It’s about having moral and intellectual power and using that power to follow through, and do what needs to be done, even during the most difficult times.

You can generate or ignite this power when you take a “pause” before acting or reacting to a situation.  When we were children, we were taught to “stop, look and listen” before crossing the street. The same principle can apply to any life situation. And when you understand the emotions you may be festering, you will realize that these emotions are an internal gift. It’s the ability to “tap in” and be in charge of your life and the choices you make, those that best serve your well-being.

This gift may not be seen in a physical form, and often difficult to find, especially after experiencing a challenging time. But don’t lose site and when you seem to be losing stamina…focus; it’s there. You just need to see beyond the obvious, by listening to your inner guidance.

Challenges are human experiences. Take all that’s good in your life, and absorb it. Let it activate the positive side of your being, allowing you to develop happiness and peace within. Test and exercise your patience, determination, persistence and commitments. Identify and channel your thoughts as you tap into your inner strength. If you seem to be losing stamina…focus; it’s there, this is where you will strengthen your self-discipline. You will be accountable for your actions and reactions. Your positive attitude will help cultivate an optimistic point of view to the challenges you may face each day. And how you perceive each of these challenges will determine the quality of your life.

“Be brave, be strong, and be confident. Listen to your inner voice, the voice speaking inside, that whispers.”

 ~ Jill Lee, Ph.D. ~

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