Is Your Heart Center Open?

There in the center of your body ~ is where love and spirit join. It’s the entrance to your heart center. It’s where emotions and compassion emerge when you allow yourself to give and receive openly, and without expectations.

Often we react to world events and daily situations, as well as self-created illusions, thoughts that we fill our heads with; real or not. The point is that it takes up productive mind space. Before you know it, you have put yourself into a state of quandary or worry; you become disconnected. And by the end of the day, you shut down, and your heart space becomes blocked.

Some questions to ponder on: “How do I react to the world around me ~ the drama ~ the stories ~ even the news?” What is it that consumes my thoughts and occupies my mind space? Clouded or clouded mind space can block your heart space. It then becomes difficult for you to give and receive love openly and unconditionally.Your passions become hidden, tucked away, or stifled.

Take a few moments each day and tap into your true identity; know what really resides in your heart space. Put away the daily events, or anything that consumes your thoughts. Feel your feelings and open your emotions, releasing memories or wounds that need to be healed. Acknowledge and accept what was, then let it go. Clinging to old wounds can only be disruptive to your inner-peace.

Express yourself with purity, kindness, and honesty, in a simple way to so that others can receive your message. Let others feel your words and your expressions. This can only be done when your heart is clear and open. You will feel the sensation of openness and balance through your entire body, emotionally and physically.

Know that the beauty of your open heart can spur love and a positive path in all you do. Let your heart be as the sun ~ to open, melt and warm the hearts of others. Be inspired to know that your beautiful heart, contributed to the enlightenment of others and will enable and encourage them to do the same.

“When you have peace in your heart ~ you will have peace in your life ”
~ Jill Lee, Ph.D., CHLC

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