Karma, we all have the tendency to think that it’s “payback” for an act that somehow, we will be punished for. We are taught to believe that everyone “gets theirs,” sooner or later, prompting us to be mindful of our behavior and the choices we make in life. Well ~ this is only true to a degree. I think that Robert E. Dreier defines it best. “The Law of Compensation.” Understand that this works in both directions.

The point is; that there will always be a consequence of your choices and actions. It’s cause and effect. Karma is simply the effect or development following your actions. The results play no favoritism, and there is no timetable set for which or when they may appear, both positive and negative.

Keeping this in mind, we can use “Karma” as a tool. A tool to bring awareness or consciousness to our thoughts.  Thoughts that help you take responsibility for your choices and actions, helping you to pause and think before you act.

So often our thoughts are set on “auto-pilot,” as we react unconsciously to life as it happens. But, do you even realize how influential the “power of thought” is to your life?  It’s through your thoughts and actions; you manifest and create your reality, therefore taking control of your choices, which ultimately create circumstances. This brings you to your “Cosmic Law of Compensation.”  You’re in control and understand that this cycle is like a revolving door that will open and close with every choice or decision you make.

With this awareness, you become aligned with your inner-self.  Using your subconscious mind as the gateway to your collective consciousness, and there, within your mind, resides a wealth of information. This newfound awareness is an opportunity for you to uncover deep levels of clarity, allowing you to make better choices and better decisions for a better life, controlling the “Law of  Compensation.”

“Karma is not about rewards or punishments ~ it has not timetable or menu ~
It’s the effect from or following cause ~ which are the consequences of your choices.”

~ Dr. Jill Lee ~

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