Kindness Begins with You

Kindness, such a selfless expression. It’s about being considerate and courteous. It’s about expressing tenderness, gentleness, compassion and empathy. It’s about encouragement. It’s about having  grace, which moves you beyond “self”. Yes, this expression of kindness is most powerful, yet humbling.

I use the term “expression” instead of “act”. This is because it should be exactly that. An expression of you, and your the willingness to share this inner quality.

It’s often the simplest expression, things you do naturally without a thought that can have the most profound effects on others. Know that words and gestures that come from your heart, become energy absorbed into the hearts of others.

We sometimes become disconnected during our hectic days, and we may lose the capacity to express this powerful gesture with others. However, it begins with you. Fluent kindness reminds us…and encourages others…to be kind, unconditionally, and without expectations. It’s a human habit that should be strengthened and cultivated, as it has a profoundly, contagious effect. This gesture or expression doesn’t have to be planned. It can be as simple as having understanding, patience or tolerance of a situation. It costs nothing, yet it’s value is priceless. Expressions of kindness are Universal and can be shared with someone you know, or with a perfect stranger. It’s simple, yet effective.

Take a moment and share the warmth of your heart with others. Love it forward. If someone is near ~ perhaps a warm hug. If they are far ~ let them feel your presence ~ let them feel your spirit. One brief moment of heartfelt sentiment can leave a lifetime impression ~ as one warm heart touches another ~ lifting their spirits.

“We are truly blessed when we give without remembering and receive without forgetting.”
~ Dr. Jill Lee ~

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