Lead by Example

When you establish and maintain a high standard of morals, you become someone that others look up to. You influence and inspire those around you, sometimes without being aware that you are doing so. And at the same time, you are earning their respect and trust, while gaining credibility. This is called, “leading by example”. You walk your walk ~ and talk your talk, with your branded, authentic intentions.

Whether you are a parent, an educator, a business owner or manager, even an adviser, know that your example matters. Leading holds no title or position; it’s something you do, based on your beliefs. “People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do.”~ Lewis Cass

Leading by action creates your intention. When you lead from within, you create a vision for others to see…worthy of imitating and worthy of following.  You become an example of inspiration for others. Know that others are watching, even when you may not think they are.

Be mindful of your intentions. Be the kind of person others admire and look up to. Your actions can make a difference and play a positive role in the lives of others around you. Before long, they too are leading by example and inspiring others…and so it goes.


“You must be able to lead yourself first ~ before you can lead others.”

~ Jill Lee, Ph.D. ~

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