Life Doesn’t Always Happen as Planned

Life can often bring us disappointment.  You may not have gotten a gift that you expected. Someone may have let you down. A plan didn’t work out just as you had hoped. These life situations don’t always happen for the best, but they do happen for a reason. You can’t go through life thinking everything is awful, just because you didn’t get your way!

I certainly understand that you may not want to hear those words, and you may not be able to process this concept. But believe me, life happens, but not always as planned.

Perhaps there was a job or promotion you were hoping to get, and didn’t. Did you stop to think that maybe there was a better opportunity out there for you? Maybe life didn’t introduce you to the people you “want” in your life. Did you stop to think that there may be people you have been introduced to that you “need” in your life? Maybe a relationship didn’t work out as you had hoped. Did you stop to think that maybe this person was not meant to be in your life? You may be stuck in traffic. Did you stop to think perhaps this was to teach you patience or to avoid an accident?  Don’t fight everything in life that you don’t like or that may be uncomfortable.

So many circumstances, with so many questions ~ you may ask “why?” “Why?” really doesn’t matter. You must learn to have faith, and trust that the Universe has your back! When life happens ~ you need to focus on the “how?” “How do I move forward?” How do I make my life or situation better?”

While all of these circumstances may become challenges, each one is merely a human experience. Experiences that may occur to teach you a lesson or open the door to a new opportunity. Perhaps ~ even to introduce you to new relationships.

We often see these experiences as a negative force and fail to see that in life, all forces work together. Try not to isolate one incident, instead, see a much bigger picture. Reach inside, use your strength, grace, and wisdom to help bring you clarity. Have faith and believe that there is a “great” life that awaits you, and realize that life’s design is not always easy or effortless.

“Remember that you may not be the person you are today, if not for the experiences you had yesterday.”

~ Dr. Jill Lee ~

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