Little Things We Lose Sight Of

As humans, we are all wired the same and we are all drawn to the mysterious unknown phenomena of life while seeking some kind of adventure. We take our daily experiences and use them to move forward in life. But while searching for the wondrous adventures, it’s so easy to miss something or lose sight of what life presents to us. Little things.

There are things in life that seem so insignificant to most people such as notes in a song or the way words are printed on the page of a book. The fragrance and colors of the flowers in the garden and how the birds sing. How tall the tree has become that was planted in your front yard. Even the scent of one’s cologne or perfume. These are just little things that we often pay no attention to in our day to day life. Why is that? Is it because it doesn’t matter or is it because it may have no relevance to our daily existence? Well all of these little things are all part of your journey in life, and can make life a bit more interesting. These little things can help you to capture what is really in your heart. It’s about becoming aware of what’s in front of you… in the moment.

Fond memories of your childhood come back and become clear and vivid. Colors seem brighter and more brilliant. You can hear the songs birds sing. You might even be able to hear the flowers dance. These little insignificant things can change the way you feel. You become more enthusiastic about life which can change what you may in fact be seeking. You suddenly see things differently. A smile comes to your face and perhaps a song in your heart. It’s a matter of paying attention to what’s in front of you.

Find stillness and just listen.
See, remember and know what matters to you. Life offers us all kinds of flavors. Find yours.

2 thoughts on “Little Things We Lose Sight Of

  1. Sher Hogan Reply

    Jill, this is so true. We are sometimes so wrapped up in “stuff” and over look these things. Thank you again for the words from your soul and the gentle reminder.

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