Loving Yourself ~ Perfectly Imperfect

We live in a society that is “beauty obsessed.” Stunning models on televisions commercials or magazines ads, not only for women but equally for men. How often do we say to ourselves “I wish I looked like that.” I am sure you’ve all been there….I know that I have. And so where do all those thoughts take you? Are you any less deserving than the so-called “beautiful people?” It’s time to stop comparing yourself to others, and just love who you are.

Each of us holds an inner beauty within, and it is your responsibility to tap into it, and let it shine. There’s no need to hide your authentic self, just love who you are.

There is magic that comes with loving yourself. It feeds and nourishes your inner-being. Loving your authentic self is a true gift to “you.” You’ve heard the phrase that “what others think of you is none of your business”, and this is true; however; what is also true is…”what you think of yourself IS your business.”

Being able to love yourself begins with knowing who you are and accepting all that you are. So ~ who are you?
Identify your strengths
• Evaluate your true virtues
• Find your most valued qualities
• Identify your fears

In spite of what you may think of as flaws, remind yourself that you are beautiful. Know what you want in life, and that you deserve to have it. This is having self-worth, which brings you self-confidence.

Self-love is not about having an Ego. Ego disguises and worships false identities. An ego-based love is conditional and with expectations. It’s an image you have of yourself, less than who you really are. Ego makes you hide and conceals all that is real and keeps the beautiful you, hidden away. You become obstructed by personal boundaries. So let your soul take charge and bring out the most beautiful you. Learn to have a beautiful relationship with yourself.

When you let go of your expectations, you’re free to be who are. Positive thoughts make a positive being, and so it goes. Make peace with yourself and learn to love who you are. Find your own happy, and you will realize that others will follow and join in. That may mean that you have to put on your big girl or big boy pants on. Treat yourself to something special and leave the pity party.

When we love ourselves, it becomes easier for others to love us as well. Nothing in the world replaces the feeling of knowing you are loved, just as you are.

“Love yourself, unconditionally. Perfectly Imperfect.”
~ Dr. Jill Lee ~

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