Manage Your Emotions

At the start of each new day, we have choices. The choices we make first, when starting our day is our mind set, or our mood. And you might not even realize that you actually have those choices to make. It’s all in how you manage your emotions.

What is your mood like first thing in the morning? Do you wake up happy or sad? Are you feeling anxious? Are you looking forward to the day? Are there challenges ahead?

We all have times where we are feeling down, anxious, or sad. Perhaps we aren’t feeling quite up to par for any apparent reason. Ah…but there is a reason! These are all normal feelings, and we all experience at one time or another. The biggest question is “what is the root of these emotions?”

You can waste your time trying to cover up and detach yourself from these wondrous emotions, by pretending they don’t exist, or you can seek what the driving force is. If gone unidentified, you may have a tendency to pass them on to others, unconsciously, therefore creating or causing them distress. It’s almost like passing on a virus.

Behind your anger, there might be a wound to be healed. Beneath sadness, there may be unidentified fear. These emotions diminish any chances of joy in your life, if not addressed and managed. Once identified, you own them and now you can face them head on. You can create your own authentic emotional release.

A famous quote by Mark Nepo is one you may ask yourself.. “There is a great choice that awaits us every day: whether to go around carving holes in others because we have been so painfully carved ourselves.”

The point is that you are in control. Each new day brings you new choices. You and only you can make the choice to living a happy life.

4 thoughts on “Manage Your Emotions

  1. sher Reply

    Again Jill the timing is perfect. Check your schedule & let’s see when we can get together! xoxo

  2. Todd Reply

    This is just what I needed today, thank you Jill! I will be calling you soon,
    Thank you..

    • Jill Lee Post authorReply

      You are most welcome Todd, glad I could help.
      I am here if you need me, you have my number.

      Warmest Regards,

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