Mean People

So often we encounter people in our lives that are just plain mean. I call it having a “short fuse”. Flipping someone off, telling someone off or just being rude seems to be too common today. People are often so angry, and for reasons you may not be able to see. As a matter of fact, most often it has nothing to do with you at all.

I don’t believe people just wake up in the morning that way. It’s a festering inside of trapped emotions. Perhaps they didn’t release those emotions when they had an opportunity to do so, therefore causing them to get stuck within.

So what do you do?? Step aside and get out of their way!

You can’t take it personal yet you can’t go through life allowing yourself to be emotionally attacked by others. Of course if it’s a stranger that is being rude, you can simply say “No Thank- you” and walk away. Allowing yourself to be around offensive people can be very toxic. Know when to distance yourself and allow those who are the perpetrators to hurl themselves into their own destiny. You need not be a target for their dysfunctional behavior. It’s almost like allowing yourself to be bullied. What is acceptable behavior to you? You choose who you want associate with and at some point you come to the realization that you might have to let go of people who have been a part of your life.

Let the behavior of others become a learning experience. Take the good and reward it, as it’s a gift. Discard the rest. This will help you to make conscious choices when engaging with others. By being kind, you can encourage others to do the same, and so it goes…

“Don’t let negative people infest your mind with their toxic behavior”
~ Jill Lee

6 thoughts on “Mean People

  1. Sher Reply

    Thank you Jill again for your insight and wisdom. Not to mention sharin with myself & others so we too can grow and continue on with our journeys!

    • Jill Lee Post authorReply

      Sher.. thank you for always reading my weekly blogs.
      I’m glad I can continue to bring a bit of clarity to your life..

      Warmest Regards,

  2. Sandy Reply

    Wonderful topic! Life is too short to be around negative people. Being negative is such a waste of energy. You can imagine what wonderful things they could do with that energy if it was used in a positive direction.

    • Jill Lee Post authorReply

      Dear Sandy< You are so correct. Let this just serve as a gentle reminder to those are hurt by mean people and let this bring awareness to those who hurt others, and may not even realize that they are doing so. As always, I so appreciate your comments. Warmest Regards, Jill

  3. Tara Reply

    Dear Jill,
    Thank you so much for this weeks blog! I had to send this to someone, who is so hurtful to others, and doesn’t realize it.
    Your timing is always so amazing!
    Thank you so much for all you do and the inspiration you provide to so many.

    • Jill Lee Post authorReply

      Dear Tara
      I hope that it brought awareness to the person you sent this to.
      Thank you again for visiting my site and reading my blogs.
      I am so glad they help! Have a blessed week.

      Warmest Regards,

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