What exactly is an “opportunity” and where does it come from? Well ~ It’s a set of circumstances, that can come to you at any given time, that make it possible for you to make changes in your life, changes that can help you grow.  They come by way of chance, luck, or timing. It can come about through curiosity, courage, and even spontaneity. There is no need to label it or see it as an obstacle. Opportunities, when pursued, can lead or guide you to your destiny and self-greatness.

So often, opportunities come knocking on your door, sometimes disguised and easy to miss. Perhaps there is a disturbance or a mishap in your daily routine. Something that may ruffle your feathers, misdirecting your intentions. There may be something that you see as an obstacle, when in fact if you begin to open your mind, and “feel” what it is that’s happening around you, you begin to view and interpret situations differently. It’s looking at each situation with wondrous eyes, to see beyond these obstacles.

Opportunities are swimming all around you every day. They may come to you in very subtle ways, such as a flutter or a change in the beating of your heart. You may see a photograph, or be engaged in a conversation, and a light goes on in your head. That’s when you can activate and use your intuition, and let it help influence you when making decisions or choices.  Be ready to launch yourself forward, at any given time and take advantage of these special circumstances. With an open mind, there lies ahead; a beautiful life with endless possibilities.

On a final note ~ don’t run away with your imagination, pay close attention what you “feel”. With clarity and balance, keep an open mind and an open heart so you can implement your visions. Seize every opportunity; they provide you with choices.

“When an opportunity comes knocking ~ See it through wondrous eyes.
Don’t label the task or make excuses ~ don’t see it as an obstacle ~ don’t fear it ~
Instead ~ embrace it.”

~ Jill Lee, Ph.D., CHLC   

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