People Enter Your Life for a Reason

As people come and go from our lives, we seldom stop and analyze why; and we don’t realize the influence or affect that this person may have. Generally speaking, we don’t question why, until perhaps something happens and triggers a thought. At that specific moment, you may connect the dots and begin to realize the connection. You may even stop and say, “Oh ~ it’s just a coincidence.” Hmm…do you really believe that? I don’t. I honestly believe that there is a reason, intent or a purpose for everyone we come in contact with. You may not notice it at the time, but once that person appears, or moves on, or even someone who comes back after an extended period of time, you begin to think, and perhaps begin to see.

What purpose?… you may ask. Well, sometimes you develop relationships with those who can influence you in some way and help you to see a change with your current situation that you may be struggling with. Perhaps they are a teacher, a counselor or simply a friend or confidant to show you the way and help you move through a difficult time. It may even be someone who fills an empty space in your heart. And then there are lessons. Yes lessons to be learned, and sometimes it comes through the difficulty of a relationship. This person or people have been sent to you, and once you’ve learned what was needed to be learned, and their message has been delivered, they may move on. Who knows…they come back into your life, at another time, and under different circumstances as well as for different reasons.

There are those relationships that dissolve, and one moves on. There are friendships that dissolve, for no apparent reason. It’s very difficult to recognize.
We enter relationships with others, not thinking about the “why” or the “how”. There is a timing involved. People seem to be there at the right time, and if it doesn’t appear to you, to be of such, that’s when you need to open your mind and ask why? Was the timing off? Were you meant to grow? Are there lessons learned from the relationship, influencing you to make different choices or decisions? Think about it. And then there are those who leave your life for an extended period of time and re-enter years later. Believe me, that’s no coincidence. It was meant to be, a godsend.

It’s been said that people enter your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Here is the explanation for all three:
• If someone enters your life for a reason ~ perhaps you have expressed a need.
• If someone enters your life for a season ~ perhaps you have something to share or give back.
• If someone enters your life for a lifetime ~ perhaps there are life lessons to be learned.

Whatever it is for you, take time, to discover the reason certain people are in your life today, and why they may not be a part of your life anymore. Were they a blessing or a lesson? Only you can answer. Search your heart.

“There are people those who pass through our life ~ and those who stay, do you know why?”
~ Dr. Jill Lee ~

4 thoughts on “People Enter Your Life for a Reason

  1. Kailash Sharma Reply

    It is very nature and scientific as well as spiritual my wise friend, Dr. Jill Lee, everything happens by reason, any certain reason. Nothing happens without reason. It is just like the principle of cause and effect. Many people come in our life and go, they cross our path, stay, but we don’t pay attention so deep. If we pay attention, think little deep and contemplate, definitely we will find the reason why someone came and affected mo, my life. A deeper connection..
    You are wise my friend, I am not so, but I feel this from deep of my being.
    Thank you so much..

  2. Ali Reply

    That’s absolutely great these beautiful sentences are very very useful

  3. Deborah Uretta Reply

    I love this article. It has answered many questions for me.
    Thank you.

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