Positive Thinking, When Life Seems Grim

Sometimes we have those moments in life where we feel nothing is going our way. Nothing seems right, and life looks so grim. You sit down and ask, “Why me?” or “What next?” There’s an African Proverb to remember that reads: “However long the dark, the dawn will break.”

Life is constantly changing, and you have control over many of the changes that take place, merely by the choices you make. Your attitude also plays a major role. How you see life, how you accept challenges, and how you move through these difficult times. It’s often about your perception. Do you worry about things you have no control over? Your perception and your attitude can determine the direction you take, just as a positive attitude can improve the outcome of what seems to be a “grim situation”. Resistance to “what is” can cause you suffering.

How you look at life, and how you react to what’s happening around you, allows you to move beyond and rise above those less than happy times.

Learning to change our thinking patterns isn’t always an easy task, although necessary. You have often heard me speak about “learned behaviors”, this is quite the same. Use your thoughts and words to evoke inner-strength. This will help you to release any negative thoughts, which have no place within your “self”.

Worrying about things which you have no control over, is a waste of your time and energy. Anger is toxic to your well-being. You must believe in yourself, and believe that you will succeed. To rise above these grim situations, may require you to take risks, and see things beyond the obvious.

Take each situation, and analyze what isn’t right, without over thinking. Is there a lesson to be learned? How can you turn this grim situation around? Are there hidden opportunities? These are all questions to ask yourself ~ that will bring you to change your thinking patterns. Visualize a positive outcome and set in place positive intentions. “I can… and I will…” Desire to do better, and make this positive way of thinking, a way of life for you.

Let your strength come from love and forbearance, as this will guide you through the most difficult times. Strengthen and mold the fabric of your heart ~ softly ~ as this will lift your spirit.

“When life becomes difficult ~ become strong.”
~ Dr. Jill Lee ~

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