Release and Rebalance Your Vital Energy

Last week we spoke about your Euphoric Energy, and we talked about the need to feel balanced. This week, we will explore natural ways to bring balance and harmony into your daily life.

When our vital energies are out of sync, we begin to feel “stuck” or we experience the feeling of “not knowing”. This flow of energy, or lack of; can influence and transform everything in your life. According to Albert Einstein, “Everything in life is a vibration”. And it is through these vibrations, that we can absorb energy; that has a direct effect on our state of being.

It’s a quite a phenomenon, that we as humans can transfer this energy. A simple touch to or from another person can influence your entire energy field. We also have the ability to pick up outside energies from others; through feelings, emotions, and thoughts, which transfers directly to us, as a foreign energy within. It’s when you have that feeling that something just doesn’t feel quite right or somethings off. When this happens, this unwanted, uninvited or negative energy needs to be released. Don’t suppress it; you must give yourself permission to let it go.

Here are some ways to help you recalibrate and align yourself, bringing energized balance and harmony to your daily existence:
Channel, maintain and be responsible for your thoughts and emotions. Perhaps you can direct your energy to a journal. Write it down. This helps release emotional toxins or raw anger.
• Surround yourself with others that carry positive energy.
• Don’t react to emotional outbursts; as you don’t want to absorb the negative energy of others.
• Connect with nature. You may even bring fresh flowers of color into your living and working space.
• Listen to soothing music; sounds of nature with a gentle meditation, while listening to the rhythm of your breath.
• Take a “time out” from your electronic or mobile devices. Turn them off!
• Incorporate new and healthy foods to nourish your mind and body.
• Commit to keeping your body in motion with a new exercise routine.
• Identify your strengths, that which empowers you.
• Most important, stay connected to your heart center.

It’s about being mindful; knowing what brings you to this euphoric state of being. There is no escaping what you think or feel, as these emotions are woven within, like threads through human consciousness. Be mindful and aware of how you manifest your expressions, as it’s part of your human tapestry that has its own intuitive intelligence and its own synergy, creating balance and harmony.

We are beings beyond our physical anatomy. We are energetic anatomy. Be mindful of this energy, as it will clearly and directly bring you to a state of knowing…reaching your euphoric energy.

~ Jill Lee, Ph.D. ~

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