Release Negative Emotions

Repressed or suppressed emotions can distort and alter the perception of your entire being; both psychological and physical.  Containment of unexpressed emotions is a mode of communication; and an energy that will not go away or dissolve on its own, but will continue to accumulate within, causing tension, anxiety and frustration, not to mention the attacks on your physical body.

You might assume that a good cry or a demonstration of anger is a release, but that’s only the beginning. Unless you reach the core of your emotions, they will continue to fester inside, creating anhedonia, stifling self-growth and healing.

A five step exercise to help you release:

  1. Find the time and a quiet place to tap into your inner self. Locate the source of any negative patterns that may be bringing about these emotional toxins. Use your inner resources to become aware of your emotional climate, expanding your awareness.
  2. Identify and label each emotion. Is it fear, shame, regret, self-pity, resentment or anger? Whatever it is, give it a name. . Express it and say it out loud.
  3. As you label your emotions, sit with it for a moment and feel it. Yes…feel the feeling.
  4.  When you feel the emotion, ask yourself… “What lesson has it brought me?” Take responsibility and own it.
  5.  Now it’s time to release it ~ let it go.

You can release your emotional energy in many different ways. Some people assign it to a star in the Universe. Some light a candle, exhale and send it up in smoke. You can also write it on paper, read it and then burn or shred the paper. Create your own ritual; that which works best for you; there is no right or wrong way. It’s your way. Do this as many times as needed. It can be challenging at times, but it is very necessary.

And use the gentleness of your heart to help soothe, calm and heal. Realize that this emotional baggage needs to be released so you can enjoy your life being well-balanced, centered and grounded.

 “Understand, identify and release the energy of your negative emotions. If left alone, they will follow you and distort your inner-peace.”

 ~ Jill Lee, Ph.D. ~

3 thoughts on “Release Negative Emotions

    • Dr. Jill Lee Post authorReply

      Perfect Indra ~
      This can bring about a big change in your life ~
      Be patient with yourself ~ this is a process that takes time.

      Warmest Regards,
      Dr. Jill

    • Dr. Jill Lee Post authorReply

      Perfect Indra ~ I am so pleased ~
      Remember that a step forward is a step forward ~ no matter how big or small!

      Warmest Regards ~
      Dr. Jill

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