Resolving Conflicts

Conflicts can be triggered at most any time and for the most insignificant reasons. Unfortunately, we can’t always choose the time or the place they arrive. Conflicts can happen in the workplace or at home, and with family, friends or with any personal relationship.

Many conflicts arise from differences of opinions, different thought processes, or different values, as well as misunderstandings. And, it’s not always a matter of who’s right or wrong. Conflicts can arise when there is tension with a situation, or when issues need to be addressed and discussed.

So where do you begin? You should always try to clarify the conflict, rather than form an assumption. This will help you find a healthy balance when communicating. Respect and consideration of all parties involved play a significant role in the success of finding a resolution. A respectful discussion may bring about thoughts, feelings and opinions that are perhaps hidden. Sometimes, what you are most passionate about might need to be exposed and expressed, even though these emotions may lead to hurt feelings. It brings forth clarity.

As conflicts emerge, recognize them as just that. A conflict; and that’s just part of life, many times unavoidable, no matter how we try. Most personal conflicts can be resolved, but it starts with emotional awareness and mindful communication. There may be sensitive situations that cause an argument or even silence. There may be a hidden agenda that needs to be uncovered and dealt with. Be mindful and realize that we all have the need to be heard and understood. Try to see beyond the layers of debris. You may find a hidden treasure there, a blessing in disguise.

When resolving conflicts, it’s important to listen beyond the spoken words. Choose your battles wisely, it’s not always about who’s right or wrong. Know when to let things go, or when to walk away, and most importantly, be willing to forgive.

You must learn to move through, and grow from each conflict
Treat each conflict as gift, as it teaches you and enables you to transform your life

~ Jill Lee ~

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