Sensitive People

According to Wikipedia, the definition of a sensitive person is “Someone having the innate trait of high sensory processing sensitivity.” I believe it goes far beyond that. Perhaps this is you, or someone you know.  Sensitive people are genuine, kindhearted and compassionate. They carry an abundance of empathy. At times, they may even seem Angelic. They feel deeply, they love passionately and are emotionally reactive. And whether you know it or not, the energy of every action goes straight to their heart.

But often sensitive people are misunderstood. Yes, they are seen by others as different, sometimes labeled as shy, or being an introvert. Some may even think of them as being aloof. All are misconceptions.

Yes, sensitive people may cry easily, and internalize. They keep things to themselves. Often when asked “Are you okay?”  they will answer,  “Yes, I am fine, thank you,” when indeed they are not, and they are used to having others tell them “Don’t take it so personal.”  Often, they suffer in silence as their hearts bruise easily.

But never underestimate their power!!  Different…?… Perhaps.  They have the ability; and the tendency to be intuitive. They can read others. They listen intensely and often take on the emotions of others, and can feel their pain. They see things not visible to the human eye.

Sensitive people carry a grace that provides them with an internal intelligence of their higher self. And when you genuinely understand the nature of “who they are” you will think differently. Sensitive does not mean weak.

Learn to respect those who are different and those that you may not understand. Sensitive people may need more time to make a decision. Don’t rush them. Support their need for personal or quiet time.  Their souls run deep. They may be more perceptive to noise and chaos, therefore wanting to avoid conflict.  Don’t question their motives. Sensitive people should be treasured. Sometimes it’s the simple things that mean the most to them.

“Sensitive people are human ~ don’t judge. It’s not about them vs. you.“

 ~ Jill Lee, Ph.D. ~

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  1. Indra Remy Reply

    The best understanding of you about sensitivity is not an idea but the very depth inner minds and hearts of sensitive people and i like you said sensitivity is not weakness is Absolutely practically explained !
    Thank you Jill !

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