Stretch Your Personal Boundaries

Through our life, we tend to cling to what’s familiar or what we feel comfortable with, not wanting to change. When change occurs, we might feel a sense of loss; exposing emotions of sadness or anxiety. And where does that come from? Most often fear. Fear is one thing that can hold you back from making changes in your life. Sometimes the nature of comfort or familiarity can lead to delusions or mislead you down the wrong path. You are then lost or stuck in a place where you are instead of where you are meant to be, or where you want to be.

Learning to expand your thinking mind is where the change begins. That means stretching your personal boundaries and not living complacent or living in a controlled compartment. There is no need to punish yourself by staying where you don’t belong, or where you don’t want to be.
There are lingering benefits in life by giving yourself permission to step out of your comfort zone. Your mind will need to travel some before you arrive.

Like any other changes in life, stepping out of your comfort zone is a learned behavior. Start slow, and set conscious intentions. Know what inspires you and go for it one step at a time. The further you step outside your comfort zone the easier in time it becomes. This leads you to new and exciting experiences. It can guide you to new beginnings, taking you in new directions, and challenging you to learn new things.

Be committed to your own path and trust your inner self. “Is it right for me?” That’s what really matters most. Remember that when you love where you are in life, you gain contentment. Allow change to happen but make sure you find your balance with comfort.

“Find an inner peace with your journey wherever it leads you. It allows you freedom to be who you are. Let your heart and soul guide you”
~ Jill Lee

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