The Importance of Having Alone Time

There are times when we find ourselves with no one around, just sitting quietly. Ahhhh…for me ~ I relish and embrace that quiet time, due to such a hectic schedule. Then there are those who may find themselves board, tapping their feet, looking for something to do. Perhaps you get on the phone or your mobile device, trying to make plans or just looking for conversation. When you find yourself in these moments of “quiet” how do you feel? Are you lonely or board?

The fact is, spending time alone is quite essential to your well-being. You may not think so, but I have listed below, some of the benefits to ponder on. When you find these moments of stillness, you begin to quiet the chatter or noise in your mind, allowing yourself to think deeply. Here is what you gain:

  • You can unwind and recharge your mind, as well as the body, restoring your energy.
  • There is an improvement in your concentration and productivity.
  • It allows you to work through anything you may be struggling with.
  • It relaxes the entire body and relieves tension
  • You are able to disconnect from lingering toxic emotions.
  • Allows you the time to sort through and set your priorities.
  • It allows you to gain clarity and brings you towards self-reliance.
  • It allows you the time to reflect on what’s important and to entertain or seek new opportunities.

So if you have a schedule that doesn’t afford you the luxury of “alone time,” find it anyway. Make an appointment for yourself; yes ~ schedule “me time” as part of your daily routine. Learn to cherish this time; where you can become fully present. Enjoy the time you’ve created for yourself, where you can discover new insights ~ realize that “YOU” are your own best friend.

Know that when you spend time alone, it also allows you to hear your inner voice speak. There are no distractions or disturbances to interfere. It’s just you. It’s time for you to discover and embrace all that you are and all that you desire to be.  How beautiful is that??


“We often spend time pondering ~ contemplating ~ and rearranging our thoughts ~
Listening to the constant chatter in our minds ~ that crowd any free space ~ and diminish the time for us to just “be” ~
Perhaps ~ finding stillness will quiet the chatter ~ will give you clarity of mind ~ ”

~ Dr. Jill Lee ~

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