The Shift, I Can’t to I Can…I Can to I Will…I Will to I Did

A shift in your attitude can change your entire life. It can alter the outcome of a situation, by allowing you to navigate around or through obstacles, even bringing new opportunities. It allows you to change directions so that you can achieve better results by using a new approach. This shift I am referring to is a mindset of optimism. Feeling confident about the future. Saying “I Can and I will.”

How often do you meet a challenge and say “I can’t?” This is just another way of say “I won’t.” By altering your mindset and modifying thinking patterns, you begin to change “I can’t” into “I can.” This shifts “I can” into “I will”, results leading “I will” into “I did.” And when you get to the “I did” ~ Wow ~ how does it feel? You gain a great sense of inner confidence, accompanied by a feeling of accomplishment.

So where do you begin? You start by identifying your strengths. Write them down if you must, and look at each one. Let these strengths overpower any fear that may be in your path. Then look at the challenge that you are presented with, and ask yourself how you can use your strengths to meet this challenge. Believe in yourself!

When you hear yourself say “I can’t” , STOP! Take a brief pause. First of all, you have a choice…to do ~ or not to do. Once you decide to move forward, start with a self-pep-talk and never diminish who you are. Go back to your list of strengths. Remove the excuse words from your vocabulary. “Because” and “but”. These are used to give you an exit strategy, usually promoted by fear. These are only excuses that will hold you back.

You see, there is no need to feel overwhelmed when trying new things or accepting new challenges. You have the power to change that. Feed yourself “optimism”, know the power of positive thinking. Visualize the accomplished results so that you can say … “Wow ~ I did it.”

“Can you imagine if the caterpillar said: “I can’t turn into a butterfly?”
What are you missing out on ~ when you say “I can’t?”
~ Dr. Jill Lee ~

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